Designing Our Nursery

When I first found out I was pregnant one of the first things on my mind was how in the world we were going to make our tiny two bedroom apartment into a baby friendly environment. I started researching tiny spaces nurseries, apartment living baby rooms, etc. I kept coming across accent walls (thank you Pinterest!) and I settled upon a Herringbone Accent Wall. At the time, I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve the Herringbone look; stencil, wallpaper, stick on designs. Fast forward to four months later, buying our home, I knew my Pinterest nursery board was still something I was very much in love with + that’s when the nursery really started coming together!

With the help of my artist father, we decided a stencil was the way to go. I found all of the stencil materials on amazon + bought the paint samples from Sherwin Williams. Don’t waste your money + buy a gallon of paint for the accent wall stencil, just pick some samples out because the samples are more than enough paint for the project.

Stencil || Spray Adhesive || Brushes || Wall Paint || Herringbone Paint

Now let’s get to the fun part! Once the room is prepped (painted, flooring, whatever your nursery needs!) it’s time to start designing your nursery. One thing I found to be helpful is the new way of designing nurseries does not always have to include nursery “sets” and instead looks to mix textures, designs, and statement purposeful pieces. You may (or may not) remember the time when parents-to-be would walk into a store and purchase the entire nursery including the crib, dresser(s), night stands, and/or changing table. When I started looking for these items I noticed there was always something within the sets I didn’t love (example: knobs on the dressers, the bubbled shape of the furniture, the colors). This way of purchasing items may be scary at first, but trust me it is worth it! Not only do you often save money but you also aren’t stuck with outdated furniture when your little one gets older and decides they hate their bedroom furniture.

Check out the linked items below

Crib || Rocker || Similar Pouf Ottoman || Toy Dump Baskets || Plant || Black + White Throw Rug || Similar Set of 3 Frames

It’s all in the details… if you have been reading along you know I am all about purposeful shopping for this room. I may not have known immediately where on the shelves each item would go or where the wooden play set would go but I did know th colors, textures, and/or design fit in the space and were budget friendly. If you see something in this post that is not linked feel free to shoot me a message or email + I will send you the link (or something similar)!

Little Babe Cave Sign || White Book Shelves || Rattan Wall Mirror || Changing Table Basket || White + Gold Floating Shelves || Dresser || Ubbi Diaper Pail || Floor Lamp || White Shag Rug || Wooden Play Gym ||