Bathroom Makeover: Budget Friendly Upgrades that Boost Your Outdated Bathroom

When we first looked at our house one of the main problems I took mental notes of were the bathrooms (along with a long list of other things that I will get to in other blog posts). They were outdated (from the 90s so not terribly outdated), with beige sinks + toilets. Lucky for us we haven’t had any visitors (thank you COVID) so there was really no need to rush into making changes to the bathrooms when we first moved in. However, once we were settled in and using the master bath daily (pictured above) I knew I needed to do something because walking into that bathroom everyday was such a let down. It was painted blue (no pictures prior to painting it sorry), dirty, and just overall felt cold. Totally renovating our bathrooms just isn’t in our budget (hopefully one day!) so we needed budget friendly alternatives.

Here’s the following steps we took to make minor changes to our bathroom that made a big difference without breaking the bank.

Step One: Paint, paint, paint! Paint the walls a color you are going to want to look at every day! There is just something about a white bathroom that screams clean to me. Who knew when I went to pick out paint samples there were about 20 variations of white none of which truly looked like white next to each other. We ended up going with SW Westhighland White because it gave a nice warm undertone that matched the beige toilet + sink without being too warm/maintaining the white effect.

Step Two: Switch out any outdated outlets, switches, and/or vent covers. This step may require some additional help from an electrician if you are not one to play with electric but I swear if my husband can do it on his own so can you or yours! Check out youtube to help with this step if you are going to tackle it on your own.

Step Three: Spruce up your vanity if you aren’t going to completely replace it. Again, changing out big items just wasn’t/isn’t in our budget so I opted to use chalk paint to update it.

Here is all you need if you are going to go the chalk paint route: Jolie Paints (Noir is the color I chose) || Clear Finishing Wax || Chalk + Wax Paint Brushes

Jolie YouTube Video Linked Here

Step Four: If you need to clean your tile floors/grout. We used Grout-Eez + let me just say it worked wonders on our grout. Check out my instagram bathroom highlights to see some examples!

Step Five: Replace your faucet if it is not what you want. We replaced an outdated chrome faucet with matte black faucet (see below pictures) and it really elevated the whole room. Again, my husband was able to do this on your own so you can too!

Step Six: Switch out your sink mirror, shower curtain rod, hand towel rack/holder, toilet paper holder and anything else that matched the old faucet.

Step Seven: Hang some floating shelves, pictures, add some towel hooks, and other any other details that work in your space.

Check out my after pictures below!

Towel holder || Faucet || Black Basket || Black Round Mirror || Shelves || Towel Hooks || Shower Curtain Rod || Shower Curtain || Shower Curtain Hooks || Vanity Mirror || Bathroom Floor Mats

I hope this post gives you some inspiration if you are thinking of tackling your bathroom! Feel free to message me or email me if you need additional links.